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As one of the important sections of the Blueprint Group, Blueprint Engineering shoulders the responsibility and mission of Blueprint Group's technology research and development, technological innovation, and process technology engineering. It is the main force of Blueprint Group's technology research and development, technological innovation, engineering project design and management. The main carrier of general contracting is the main position for the training of scientific and technological talents and management personnel of the group company. The Blueprint Engineering Division currently under the jurisdiction of Blueprint Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Blueprint Engineering (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Blueprint Engineering (United Arab Emirates) Co., Ltd., is a large-scale engineering design and total of Grade A qualifications for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction engineering. Contracting companies are committed to providing technical support and technical services for the construction and innovation of global petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries. There are 105 employees in the blueprint project, including 103 undergraduate and 20 graduate students. In addition, the company specializes in the appointment of experts, 10 professors, and 1 national special plan expert. The company has complete software and hardware facilities, appropriate age gradient, reasonable professional structure, sound rules and regulations, meticulous basic management, professional and technical expertise, rich experience in design and engineering, corporate culture, humanity, science, advanced and harmonious. Under the guidance of the development concept, there are many new high-tech engineering companies with distinctive characteristics.

        Since its establishment 15 years ago, the company has completed atmospheric and vacuum distillation, heavy asphalt, modified asphalt, solvent deasphalting, coking, hydrogenation, hydrogen production, dehydrogenation, gas, MTBE, aromatization, isomerization, alkane More than 200 sets of equipment for basicization, etherification, waste lubricating oil regeneration, bio-gas, sulfur, acid water treatment, etc.; completed the series of production equipment, water, electricity, steam, wind, oil depot, storage and transportation, long-distance pipeline, dock 12 whole plant-wide design of supporting projects; completed the oil depot of CNPC sales, 39 gas station general contracting projects; participated in Sinopec, PetroChina PMC large-scale project management 8; participated in Sinopec foreign project management project.

        Good weather knows the season, accompany me to Qingyun. Bathed in the mighty spring breeze of reform and opening up, following the pace of the country's "One Belt, One Road", grasping the important opportunity of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, the blueprint project will start again on the new journey, and actively participate in the Internet, information and intelligence. Continuous improvement in the exploration of quality improvement.

        The sea is cross-flowing, and the hero is true. The suffering is brilliant, and it is suitable for the right path. New era, new weather, novice pen, new action. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the board of the Blueprint Group, the Blueprint Project will continue to write new and brilliant chapters!

Blueprint project, draw a grand blueprint, and achieve a hundred years of foundation!

Blueprint project, full of hopeful project!

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