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Regional Resource

 Lanto is located at CBD of Qingdao West Coast New Zone, with convenient transportationand rich resources, advanced information. Qingdao West Coast New Zone of china isnot only the central area of national yellow and blue strategy, but also the State Councilapproved the Ninth National District. In the next 15 years, its developing position is aregional economic center, international city, the national oceanic powers strategic supportbase, the worId famous art city, movie capital. These provide a broad space for thedevelopment of Lanto. Unique regional position provide Lanto adjust measures to localconditions, the diversified development of strategic opportunities.

Educational Resource

 There are three national key universities in Shandong China, two of them-- thehighest institution of China's oil industry China University of Petroleum and thecountry's only ocean comprehensive university Ocean University of China, are inQingdao; the other one, Shandong University, built a branch in Qingdao in December2012, which covers 3,OOO acres area, and will develop to become an engineering-based advanced academic andapplied technology research base. In addition,
Qingdao has the most universities in Shandong. There are 27 institutions such asQingdao University of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Science andTechnology Qingdao Unversiy, Qingdao Technological Univrsity. the total number
  of students in school is 250000.

Petrochemical,Chemical Resource
The refining and petrochemical, gas processing, oil storage and transportation and otherpetrochemical disciplines of China University of Petroleum; rubber, tires, fine chemicals andother majors of Qingdao University of Science and Technology; mine, coal chemical industryof Shandong University of Science and Technology; ocean chemical and other professionsof China Ocean University, are all in the national first-class level. There is not only one of themost advanced refineries here - Qingdao Refining and Chemical Company, with 12 milliontons / year crude oil processing capacity, but also CNOOC (Qingdao) Heavy Oil ProcessingEngineering Technology Research Center, the domestic largest single set of load aromatichydrocarbon plants - South Korea's LG Group subsidiary Lidong Chemical Group, Asia'slargest national crude oil reserves library, and other underground cavern for LNG. With agalaxy of chemical talents,it is China's most famous chemical production, education andresearch base oil.
Trade Resource
 Huangdao colets two large Chinese famous pots . Qingdao Port (whose crude oil throughput I Iefirst in Cchina's port) and Dongiakou Port (which is the world's largest ore dock port). Along WtXn eeConstruction and Development of the leading international shipping center in Northeast Asia suCenenQingdao Port, Dongjiakou Port, Qingdao is increasingly become China's most important petrochemrbase, oil import and export bases and oil talent base. Trade import and export business is developingrapidly. Qingdao has established trade relationship with the world's nearly 200 countries and territories:It contains rich natural resources and labor resources. and Haier, Hisense, Double Star, Qingdao Beer,Aucma and a large number of well-known enterprises. With the accelerated process of global economicintegration and formation of Northeast Asia economic integration, the competitiveness advantagesbetween resource-intensive industries, labor-intensive industries and famous industry is increasingly
apparent here. More and more national and local government's supportive policies create more relaxed,convenient environment and conditions for the development of import and export trade. Qingdao WestCoast New Zone, Qingdao Sino-German eco-park, Qingdao Free Trade Zone have been been built,Qingdao will meet a golden opportunity for import and export trade development.

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