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Qingdao Blueprint went to Zhoucun Cultural Investigation
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On September 28, 2014, the company’s long-awaited “Day of the Qingdao Blueprint Petrochemical Culture Exhibition in Autumn 2014” was officially launched. In the morning, 36 middle-level backbones were full of the development of the company and the departure of the chemical industry enterprises in Zhoucun District. After three and a half hours, Ma Hongji, deputy director of Zhoucun District People's Congress, and Zhu Wencheng, deputy director of China Merchants Group, have been waiting for a hundred years. The historical Zhoucun Ancient Mall. After the guests and guests chilled, under the guidance of the Zhoucun District Tourism Bureau, they started the Yuyou Ancient Shopping Mall. In the cultural investigation of the dry dock, the first ticket number in Shandong (the deposit amount once accounted for 1/6 of the domestic market circulation). ); the first tea house in Shandong; the first foreign tobacco company in Shandong and many other industries that reflected the commercial and trade in the mid-19th century, quietly caught our eyes, and these petrochemical designers from Qingdao were amazed - ----

The famous "Da Dye Fang" in China is about Chen Shouting's struggle story of the talents of the printing and dyeing industry. Although he is ignorant, he is brave in innovation, he has a lot of wisdom, a deep sense of justice, a loyal patriotism, and the poetry of the industry to serve the country. He is Zhoucun. Businessman's hard work, indomitable microcosm ------

Zhoucun's sesame seed cake, which is famous for it, is a beautiful business card of the ancient Silk Road. It has a history of more than 1,800 years and has four characteristics: “Crisp, Fragrance, Thin and Crisp”. Nutrition, suitable for all ages. After several technological transformations, it is already a well-known Chinese and foreign, well-known and traditional snacks that are loved by consumers all over the world.

In Zhoucun, there is a historical figure known to women and children. Because he has made great contributions to the commercial prosperity of Zhoucun Ancient Town, people still remember it and talk about his deeds. He is Li Huaxi. During his tenure, he removed 1,500 items of wasteland and harsh taxes from Zhoucun, greatly reducing the burden on the people. He also repeatedly paid all the city tax on the Zhoucun market and announced that Zhoucun was a tax-free city (according to the evidence that this is the earliest “bonded zone” north of the Yangtze River). Zhoucun’s famous “No Tax Today” monument refers to this matter. At that time, merchants from all over the country came to visit. At one time, there were hundreds of merchants on the street. The main street commercial activities such as Silk Street, Silk Street, Yinzi City and Cotton City were very prosperous. Zhoucun merchants were against him.

Pu Songling, the word Liuxian, a word Jianchen, another name Liuquan lay, Shandong Yanchuan people, from the peasant family. When he was 33, he was hired as a private sergeant by the retired bureaucrat of Xipu Village, Wangcun Town, Nanbai Village, Changbai Mountain. He came to the current Zhoucun retreat and completed the famous "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio" 10 years later.

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